Clinical Benefits

DUAL working mode

The DUAL working mode incorporates a blade to coagulate and cut the tissue, avoiding the need of using other dissecting devices.

The tissue is coagulated by resting the electrode surface and subsequently the previously coagulated tissue is cut with the blade.

Internal cooling system

The cooled saline flows inside the electrode without touching the tissue, which allows:

Lesion depths

The range of lesion depths that can be achieved with COOLINGBIS depends on the power level, the contact type (tip only vs. lateral) and the contact time, both superficial and deep lesions can be produced. Internal cooling allows enhancing lesions depths up to 6 mm and seal vessels up to 7 mm diameter (depending on models and power levels), without increasing the risk of thermal lesion to nearby structures. This allows for the creation of an additional ablation margin, which can prevent local hepatic recurrence compared to conventional technologies, specially when the resection margin of healthy tissue that the surgeon left is limited1.

Fast and friendly use

The design allows the rapid creation of coagulation lines by placing the whole electrode on the tissue. The electrode tip allows for easy sealing of blood vessels. The curved shape of the electrode eases the movement and displacement along the working area, allowing easy access to areas that need to be coagulated and to the points of possible bleeding.


COOLINGBIS® allows the possibility of combining RF-assisted coagulation and cut by means of other devices (e.g. ultrasonic).

Coagulation efficiency

Without a doubt, COOLINGBIS® is currently one of the most efficient coagulation devices on the market. The high coagulation power drastically reduces blood loss and should therefore reduce the need for transfusion. Its high coagulation power is particularly useful in laparoscopic approaches where resources for effective and rapid haemostasis are more limited.